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COVID-19 HR Compliance + Vaccination Tracking Software
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COVID-19 Products & Services

COVID-19 Safety, Analytics & Compliance Tools

Paycor can help business leaders seamlessly manage vaccine tracking and test results with our unified experience. Call 855-565-3291.


COVID Safety

Stay secure with Paycor’s immunization tracker, return to workplace guidance, and touchless time kiosk.


COVID Analytics

View immunization status to monitor insights and minimize risk.


COVID Compliance

Navigate compliance and relevant legislation with our HR Support Center.

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COVID-19 Action Plan: Path Out of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Action Plan mandates vaccination against COVID-19 for employees working for employers that have 100 or more employees, as well as employees who work for the federal government, federal contractors, and healthcare entities that accept Medicaid or Medicare. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Get the tools you need to seamlessly manage vaccine and test tracking, remain compliant, stay in business and achieve your goals.

Paycor Is Your Guide to Navigating the Path

Paycor’s HCM platform includes product enhancements to help manage the complexities of COVID-19, including compliance with the federal vaccine mandate. We also offer best practices on all aspects of COVID-19 and the workplace

Paycor Can Help

Key features of Paycor’s COVID-19 Analytics, Safety & Compliance Tools include vaccine and test tracking, vaccine reporting and COVID risk analytics.

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Stay Compliant and Safe

Our system enables workers to upload proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test directly to the system, and HR leaders can run a report to see immunization status across the organization.

An Enhanced HCM Solution

Paycor is one of the first HCM providers to offer an immunization tracker that is fully integrated into our platform.

COVID-19 Analytics, Safety & Compliance

Ever since the pandemic began, HR leaders have had to deal with one disruption after another. Paycor’s goal is to help every step of the way, and that includes getting out in front of a major compliance hurdle like the mandatory COVID vaccine.

Immunization Tracker

Immunization Tracker —

Easily track testing and vaccination status with the ability to upload documentation for both. Available in mobile and web applications.

Vaccine Reporting

Vaccine Reporting —

Report templates to track status of employee vaccinations and immunizations to ensure compliance.

COVID Risk Analytics

COVID Risk Analytics —

Paycor Analytics COVID guidebook enables you to monitor risks and plan for in-person work.

Sentiment Monitoring

Sentiment Monitoring —

Use Pulse Surveys and measure sentiment to gain insights into how your workforce is feeling.

COVID-19 Resources

Paycor’s Coronavirus Support Center provides the resources business leaders need to stay up-to-date on the latest information. It’s your one-stop shop for timely articles, guides and templates you can use to support your company and your employees.

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Get the expert advice and thought leadership you need to help solve your toughest business challenges.

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Employee COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy Template

Download our COVID-19 vaccination policy template and learn how to communicate the details to your employees. Leverage this sample communication letter to share your employee vaccination policy.

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Mental Health At Work: Helping Employees Cope During COVID-19

COVID-19 is impacting the mental health of workers. See 5 ways leaders can help their teams cope.

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Employee COVID Testing Policy (Template)

Create a company vaccination policy for flu or COVID-19, learn the rules on mandatory vaccines and download a free employee vaccination policy template.

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