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HCM for Healthcare

HR Software Built for Healthcare

Paycor delivers true technology and expertise tailored for healthcare based on 21 years serving the industry. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

Pay Employees

175K+ Employees Paid

As healthcare payrolls become more complex, you need to be able to pay people accurately and on time.


6,200+ Healthcare Customers

From recruiting skilled labor to staying ahead of compliance risks, Paycor helps healthcare leaders solve problems.


21 Years of Industry Experience

The last thing healthcare leaders need is generic solutions. That’s why healthcare organizations depend on Paycor.

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Healthcare Providers Face Unique Pressures and Challenges. Only Paycor Delivers a Comprehensive Solution.

Paycor’s technology helps solve the complex challenges long-term care and outpatient leaders face within the healthcare industry. From recruiting skilled nurses and efficiently scheduling staff, to maintaining compliance and managing labor costs, Paycor has the expertise to help.

Stress-Free Implementation

Paycor’s GUIDE process is designed with the needs of healthcare organizations in mind, from the first phase of understanding your requirements through ongoing support.

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With such intense competition for talent — especially for skilled nurses — the healthcare industry needs effective HR.

The talent problem is complex, but let’s start with the first big challenge: a skilled labor shortage. Paycor Recruiting is designed to build a pipeline of highly specific candidates for key roles.

Quickly Find Skilled Staff

Paycor Recruiting allows healthcare leaders to create branded career pages, develop candidate pipelines, post to job boards and find skilled staff.

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Employee Turnover in Healthcare Is Off the Charts

What’s driving turnover in your organization? Paycor Analytics helps you extract actionable insights from your turnover data, and then do something about it with world class onboarding, learning and HR.

Frictionless Onboarding + Learning

Get new hires ramped up quickly with Paycor Onboarding and provide ongoing, customizable, trackable training with Paycor Learning.

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Healthcare Facilities are Burdened by Inefficient Scheduling Solutions.

Quick and effective scheduling is key to ensuring your healthcare facility is offering the best patient care and experience.

Empower Employees with Automated Scheduling

With Paycor Scheduling, nurses and staff can manage their own schedules by trading and swapping shifts, set their availability and drop or pick up open shifts with manager approval.

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Key Features

Paycor has been listening to and partnering with leaders in healthcare for decades, so we know what you need.

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Seamless Integration —

Leverage seamless integrations between payroll, onboarding and HR, and never re-key employee information into different systems again.

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Reporting + Compliance —

Federal and state compliance forms like I-9s and W-4s are completed and reviewed electronically. Plus, we help long-term care providers with PBJ reporting.

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Employee Referral Program —

Tap into current employees to expand reach to recruit and hire skilled nurses and staff. 

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Simplified Scheduling —

Copy and paste shifts between days and weeks to ensure you’re staffed with nurses that have the right certifications.

Want to Learn More?

Paycor’s HR solutions modernize every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.

Best-In-Class Partnerships

Paycor works with trusted partners to ensure we’re meeting the needs of the healthcare industry.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

Health And Wellness

Health + Wellbeing

Certified Payroll

Wage + Salary Verification

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The benefits module that Paycor has is amazing. I love how it flows through the carrier connect to payroll. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it.”

– Dona Mitchell, Payroll Coordinator, Midwest Health Services

New hires can view and sign documentation before their first day.

Benefits Administration

Benefits Advisor
Employees can select their benefits online, reducing administrative tasks.


“As a long-term care facility, we doubled in size in 5 years and realized we couldn’t handle payroll in house. We chose Paycor because we have similar core values. They’re committed to doing the right thing!”

Crystal Weaver, Vice President of HR, AMFM


“The success we’ve had in the short period with Paycor proves to us that we made the right decision. From implementation to support, the level of service we’ve received has been tremendous.”

Derek Olsen, Employee Services Coordinator, Shawnee Health Service

Talk to Our Healthcare Experts

With dedicated healthcare expertise and ongoing customer service tailored to your industry, we’re the best HR & payroll provider for long-term care and outpatient care facilities.

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