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HCM Software for Restaurant, Food and Beverage Industries
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HCM for Restaurants

HR Software Built for Restaurants

Paycor delivers true technology and expertise tailored for the restaurant industry. Only Paycor offers a specialized program based on 30+ years serving the industry. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

Pay Employees

280K Employees Paid

Payroll compliance in the restaurant industry is only becoming more complex. You need to be able to pay people accurately and on time.


4,200+ Customers

We help large and small restaurant groups achieve goals. We also provide dedicated expertise for franchise brands like McDonalds, Wendy’s and YUM! — just to name a few.


30+ Years in the Industry

Restaurant leaders don’t need off-the-shelf, generic HR + Payroll technology. That’s why restaurants depend on Paycor.

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Restaurants Face Unique Challenges Other Industries Don’t. Only Paycor Delivers a Comprehensive Solution.

As a restaurant owner, your focus needs to be on your customers’ experiences, not the HR side of business. Paycor has software to help restaurants recruit, hire, manage turnover and stay compliant.

Stress-Free Implementation

Restaurant owners have zero time for implementation headaches. That’s why Paycor perfected implementation with GUIDE, our expert, hands-on process for busy owners and operators.

Turnover Across the Restaurant Industry Is Inevitable.

But when workers aren’t engaged or experience poor training, a restaurant can become a revolving door. Paycor Onboarding, LMS, Analytics and HR can help..

Increase Productivity + Engagement

The overall turnover rate in restaurants is 75% (Bureau of Labor Statistics).Engage new hires right away and dramatically reduce paperwork and turnover with Paycor Onboarding. Plus, we offer multiple ways to pay your workforce. From direct deposit to on-demand pay and paycards, you’ll have a variety of options to meet your employees’ needs

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Serving Customers Should be Your Top Priority, not HR.

Owners and managers should be the face of your establishment. But when they’re stuck in a back office entering new hire data and managing paperwork, it keeps them from interacting with customers and creating memorable impressions.

Recruiting & Hiring

Paycor Recruiting offers fast hire capabilities and custom hiring processes so new employees can get hired and start work on the same day.

Managing Every Aspect of Compliance is a Major Hurdle for Restaurants.

From I-9 audits and ACA reporting to accurately tracking hours worked and managing tips, restaurants have a ton on their plate. Paycor HR can help leaders organize employee data and mitigate risk

Mitigate Risk

Paycor HR enables restaurant owners to track and report on key employee certifications and documents, and receive notifications when renewals are about to expire. Paycor’s HR Support Center helps you stay one step ahead of ever-changing compliance regulations. Our library of customizable resources includes employee handbooks, training materials, job descriptions, HR policies, law alerts and much more. Plus, with HR Support Center On-Demand, get live, unlimited HR consulting from a team of certified HR professionals who’ve seen it all.  

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Key Features

Paycor has been listening to and partnering with restaurant leaders for decades, so we know what you need.

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Payroll Perfection —

Intuitive, easy-to-use software makes inaccuracies easy to catch and the entire payroll process effortless for restaurants.

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Employee Self Service —

Employees can access pay data and update their own information instead of bogging you down with unproductive, administrative tasks.

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Tax Credits —

Restaurant leaders can easily find hiring and WOTC tax credits that can dramatically impact their federal tax liability, and their bottom line.

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Paperless Document Signature —

Reduce paper and file management across multiple systems and share documents through our cloud-based system.

Want to Learn More?

Paycor’s HR solutions modernize every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.

Best-In-Class Partnerships

Paycor works with trusted partners to ensure we’re meeting the needs of the restaurant industry.

POS Integrations

POS Integrations

Paycard Solutions

Paycard Solutions

Background Check

Background Screening

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“Before Paycor, new hire paperwork had to be completed during orientation. Now, employees can fill out their own information online. It’s greatly cut down the time we’re spending entering data in multiple places.”

– Traci Larson, HR Manager, Iron Arch Management

Customer Service
If Traci needs support, she can count on their Paycor representative to help.


With one system to access data and process payroll, Traci can avoid tax and payment errors.


“For people who are not ‘HR folks’ Paycor offers solutions that are explanatory, and it’s been really helpful to have software that helps guide people through the process.”

Ashley Troutman, Business and Marketing Operations, Urban Chestnut Brewing


“Prior to Paycor we were downloading and creating new excel files [for payroll]. It took 30+ minutes per store—and that’s if there were no errors. Now it only takes seconds.”

Tina Federico, HR Supervisor, McDonalds

Talk to Our Restaurant Experts

With our consultative approach and ongoing customer service tailored to your industry, we’re the best HR + payroll provider for the restaurant industry.

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In our resource center you’ll find articles, guides, webinars, infographics and more — all designed to help restaurants unlock the true power of HR.

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